Wonder Dog Training is the #1 in-home dog obedience training company in the Mid-South.

What Drives Us Is Clear…

We believe the greatest need of every day families with dogs is just to get back to good again.

Most families who call us brought their dog home with the high hopes of playing with a fun, cute fur ball, but as life rolled along, the frustration only grew because the dog nor the family really understand what the other is saying or thinking. Both parties WANT to understand each other, but there is a gap of confusion about how to make life work.

This is where our Dog Pros come in. We train you AND you dog in 7 basic obedience commands so that you can enjoy life with your dog again. It really is that easy.

How We Do It Is Simple…


We are often asked if we use pain or pleasure to train the dogs. This question often comes from a person who’s read one or two articles/video by some celebrity. Unfortunately, those are simplistic, false categories.

Real dog training is bit more sophisticated, which is why our master dog trainer went off to get multiple certificates from the #1 school in the nation in dog psychology, and certifies all of our trainers before they ever even handle your dog

So…our answer is that we train you and your dog by COMBINING ALL 4 QUADRANTS of operant conditioning as well as our own proprietary CRF METHOD (which is far more than just a bag of treats or a swot in the rear).  

All of this seems tricky at first, but we’ll show you just how easy and fun dog training can be.  We think you’re gonna love this!

CRF Method - The 3 MUSTS of Do Training

Consistency - We need you to be consistent like clockwork in your commands to your dog.  No flip flopping. No sometimes saying yes and sometimes saying no. All your back and forth will only confuse the dog and ruin all that we are trying to teach you guys, ok?

Repetition - Of course, repetition is the mother of all learning.  Like a steady drip of water on a rock over time, repetition makes a permanent impression. Does that make sense?  To train your dog right, you can’t just rely on the weekly lesson with your trainer as one and done kind of thing.   The training program will require YOU to do daily homework assignments (about 20 minutes a day) to RE-ENFORCE all that we are showing you, ok?

Family - Your dog needs all of the handlers in the house to be on the same page, otherwise, he will get one set of signals from one person and a different set of commands from someone else, only further confusing the eager little guy even further. To do this right, we need all parties learning and growing together, ok?

The Team

Corey McDaniel, master dog trainer

Mia, Corey & Kohl, the dogs who started it all

Mia, Corey & Kohl, the dogs who started it all

Corey was raised around border collies and loved how easy it was to train them to do…anything.

By the time he was out of school, he had two Belgian malinois of his own and was working for FREE, scooping poop for any trainer in town just to learn about dog training.

After going to the #1 dog training school in North America and being certified in all 6 categories of dog training, he came back to Memphis to start Wonder Dog with the aim to disrupt the dog training industry at it’s core - starting with in-home training, dog games, and several more innovations which will soon be announced.

Corey is also an avid CrossFitter (if he hasn't already invited you to a workout…LOL).

Lillie Aiken, certified Dog Pro

Lily, with Midas and Kaine.

Lily, with Midas and Kaine.

Lilly is one of those wacko dog-lovers who is so CRAZY over her fur-babies that she has an entire album of photos on her Facebook profile of JUST her dogs.

And if you aren’t careful, she’ll get to talking about them and will trap you in a corner to show you all her pics.

Just kidding (not really).

Oh, and she just happens to be one of our most popular dog trainers for her ability to connect with people and dogs. We call her “Señorita Dog Whisperer.”

Wesley Brock, certified Dog Pro

Wesley is intense. He was trained as a military dog handler by the US Army. He served on ___ missions with his k-9’s and was able to save countless lives by sending his dogs out to sweep buildings 200 meters before any of our troops even got in harm’s way.

He is known around here for his technical precision and expert knowledge mastery in multiple fields.

Basically, if we have a question, we ask him…and if we don’t ask him, he’s going to tell us anyways.

He is basically a walking encyclopedia of dog behavior.

Sally Harrison, Admin Support

Sally & Lenny at the Wonder Dog Games

Sally & Lenny at the Wonder Dog Games

There is no one like Sally. She is from Britain and has us all talking with a Harry Potter accent and saying odd things like “put the phone down” instead of “hang up” and saying “bye” in an unusually high British accent….so as payback, we hope to get her to say “Y’all” by the end of the year.

Sally came to Wonder Dog as a client, and then to the Games, and so when we put out an “ad-VERT-tis-ment” (that’s British for “ad”) for admin help, she was the first one to respond.

Since we already knew her and loved her, we HAD to say yes. We have not stopped giving her a had time to this very day. She’s a fighter, faithful to her core and always the brightest and happiest person in any given room!

Her dogs, Lenny & Maybel, are key teammates on the Wonder Dog team. We’re not sure if we could function without them. Sally, for sure, couldn’t.

Brad McDaniel, Business Manager

Brad & Chase, winner of Best Dog in Bartlett 5 years in a row.

Brad & Chase, winner of Best Dog in Bartlett 5 years in a row.

Brad is a serial entrepreneur and has a knack for building companies from scratch. When Corey realized that he had more demand for dog training than he knew what to do with, he asked Brad (his dad) to help with the business, marketing and development stuff.

Now to be sure, Brad isn’t really what you would call a “dog lover.” As a matter fact, he’s not completely sure why everyone doesn’t just own border collies since they are, in fact, the best, most intelligent, most lovable, most loyal, best swimming, best ball-chasing, best sheep-herding, best frisbees-catching dogs in the world. Jus’ saying! (And no, there is no way that he is writing these bio’s! C’mon!).

As far as Brad is concerned, the hierarchy of the universe is Jesus > Border Collies > Then all the rest of creation. LOL.

Chase, pictured left, is the best dog he’s ever had. Ever.