About Corey...

Hey there!

I'm Corey!

I started training dogs back in October of 2015. When I started, I didn't really know anything...

Man oh man, how things have changed! 

Since October of 2015 I have scooped probably more dog poo than anyone I know, I feel bad for the fellow that has scooped more than me.

See back in October of 2015, I didn't know much like I said, so I had to work for FREE to learn how to train dogs. 

The whole time I was working for free I was loving life, I got to work with so many people and so many dogs. It was AWESOME! 

As time passed, I got my own dog named Mia! 

Mia is the reason I am where I am today. She inspired me to take the next steps and become the best. 

To get the whole story there, click on the "About Mia" page. 

But back to me scooping dog poo for free, after about a year, that deal kinda fell through. 

Me and the trainer I worked for drifted apart, that is when I started doing the SAME thing at ANOTHER kennel. (Yes, more scooping poo for free.)

It was here that I realized to truly get anywhere in the dog training business that I had to take matters into my own hands... So I decided to apply to the most prestigious dog training school in the country.

In the mean time, I read every book I could get my hands on, called every trainer I looked up to online and picked their brain and started learning dog training on my own. 

Upon my acceptance I realized I had $20k to save up, so I started busting my butt working everyday at a fine dining restaurant to save up. 

During this time, I learned so much about the grind, true customer service, and creating raving fans. 

Fast forward eight months of working and training Mia and other dogs for free and scooping poo, I get to dog training school.

I had a great time, learned a ton and met so many awesome people.  

I realized that rather than working for someone else, to have the greatest impact and help the maximum number of people, I had to start my own business. 

After graduating, I moved back to my home town, Memphis, and started One Dog, Inc (which later became Wonder Dog).

Since then, I have learned everything I can about marketing and getting myself out there so that I can train as many dogs as possible. 

So that I could help dog owners truly enjoy their dogs the way that I enjoy Mia!

Since starting my business, I have gotten to work with so many people and transform so many dog/handler relationships. 

That is so fulfilling and I LOVE helping people with their dogs. 

I am Corey and my life goal is to help you enjoy life with your dog. 

If you are ready to enjoy life with your dog, click the button below and lets setup your free consultation.

Thanks for reading about me,

Corey McDaniel, Master Dog Trainer