Is your dog apart of a social network you don't know about?

Think back on some of your walks with your dog

On these walks, what does your dog do? Where does he go? What is his posture?

If your dog is like most, your dog is out in front of you and there is slight tension on the leash. He is nose to the ground and his posture is probably curious and explorative. 

Why is your dog this way? Have you ever wondered? 

There is something much deeper going on

Your dog is this way because he is living in a world that as humans we just can't see! The dogs nose is 60x as strong as ours!

It is said that dogs have up to 300 million scent receptor cells in their nose. As humans we only have 5 million. 

So when your dog is out on walks and sniffing like crazy, he is exploring a world we can't see. I  think of this dog world like Facebook for humans. 

When dogs are walking and sniffing every mailbox, bush, light pole and fire hydrant they pass, it is because that is where another dog left a status!

By peeing on the same light pole another dog urinated on, your dog is simply checking in and letting his friends know where he was at!

When your female dog sniffs where some male dogs hiked their legs, that is simply her just another dogs status update.