The Zoomies and What They Mean

Most of the time when I get called to go meet with a family about their dog it is usually in regards to the dogs energy levels.

Almost every time, the dogs are just too hyper for the owners and they want a simple solution to calming their dogs down. And almost every family has one common issue that they are dealing with. That issue is, "The Zoomies".

What are the Zoomies?

The technical term for the zoomies is Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs. 

The zoomies are when a dog just randomly gets a huge spurt of energy and starts running and jumping and acting super crazy. The zoomies usually last for about one minute and are actually quite fun to watch because the dog seems to be having a great time!

While the zoomies are fun to watch, they mean that the dog has WAY too much energy. The zoomies are the by-product of not letting the dogs release their energy in a positive manner. 

How to stop the Zoomies

Most of my clients who deal with the zoomies want their dogs to stop exhibiting that behavior. I normally give them all the same advice. 

That advice is that they need to start working their dog out (walks, runs, etc.) and start training their dog on a regular basis. 

"But how will this stop the zoomies?"

If they are worked out and trained properly, they won't need to do the zoomies to release their pent up energy because they will have released their energy through the exercise and training. 

A couple things to try at home

Now we know that the zoomies are the release of pent up energy.

Here are a couple things to start trying at your home. 

Walk/Run with your dog daily. For walks and runs, I like the dog to stay in my heel position. Structured walks (walking in the heel position) are better than just letting the dog walk and go wherever they want to go. 

Train your dog daily. Training your dog is one of the best ways to release energy. I have had so many people tell me that as soon as our lesson is done that their dogs just go straight to sleep after I leave!

Training your dog is awesome because it wears the dog out mentally. It takes a lot of brain energy to make it through a training session. 

Have you ever gone to school and by the time you got home, you were tired? How is that so? All you did all day was sit in a classroom and learn from your professor, right? 

So how can you be tired after school? It is because it worked your mind out! 

The equivalent to a day of school for your dog is a training session! So train your dog at least once a day! 

Get Pro Help

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My mission in life is to help YOU enjoy life with your dog again. Having a dog should be fun and easy-going and not a headache. 

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