Private Lessons or Group Classes?

Group classes or Private Lessons with a trainer?


Both are awesome. Depending on where you are with your dog and what level of obedience your dog has is going to determine which you should choose. 

If you are starting with a blank slate and having issues, I would go with private lessons. 

If your dog has some prior training and you want a tune up, I would go with group classes. 


While group classes are MUCH cheaper, private lessons are WAY more effective. 

Typically, a set of group classes is around $150 for 6 classes. 

Private training normally starts around $500+ for in-home training. 

There is a huge difference in the price there! Why is that?

Well in private training, you are working with a trainer 1-on-1. You and your dog are the only focus of your trainer and the training is tailored to the issues you are having with your dog. Typically this training is done in a quiet and private setting. 

With group classes, you are in a room with anywhere from 2-20 dogs in a class. The instructor is instructing groups of people and addressing individual issues less. There are also more people so the trainer can charge less and make the same, hence the huge price difference. 

The Wonder Dog way...

At Wonder Dog Obedience Training, I decided I wanted to do things a bit differently. I wanted my clients to have the best of both worlds!

One day after thinking about ways to serve dogs and people better, I realized I needed to have group classes! 

So I decided to give them away FREE! 

Yes, free. I am able to do this by allowing only current and former clients into my group classes. This way, people and dogs still get the benefits of group classes, but they aren't struggling in class with a dog that won't listen, because their dogs have already been trained. 

If I were you...

I would start with a few private lessons with a trainer, then start to attend group classes when you are ready. 

If you are interested in either private training programs or group classes, then fill out the form and click here.

If you are having any issues with your dog, big or small, I want to assist you in training. Helping families enjoy life with their dogs is what this chapter of my life is all about!