Why it is better to be proactive with your dog rather than reactive!

When you have an issue, who do you call?

When you have a leak in the roof, who do you call? A roofer.

When the toilet is leaking, who do you call? A plumber.

When a tree is about to fall over, who do you call? A tree company.

For whatever reason, people don't typically call dog trainers at the first sign of trouble. Dog is digging in the back yard, jumping up on people, counter surfing, etc. 

To most, those behaviors don't necessarily warrant a call to the dog trainer. 

Until... It gets really bad. And by bad I mean out of control bad! 

So now you've got a big issue on your hands... 

This is typically when I receive the majority of my calls from dog owners. After the crazy 8 month old pup knocks grandma down, eats a whole ham off the counter, digs under the fence and escapes, etc...

When you get a dog, wether puppy or adult, it's best to start training the day you get them!

The best way to avoid big issues, is to start training your new dog the day you get him! 

Even if you don't hire a professional trainer, you need to be training from day one because dogs are always learning. So make sure they learn the right things!

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