What Benefits Can Petting Your Dog Have?


Have you ever noticed...

That when you are petting your dog, you seem to calm down a bit? Does having your dog around make you feel a bit more safe? When your dog is around, are you more at peace?

In the book The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs animal behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell tells us that studies have shown that petting your dog can have awesome physical benefits for us humans!

When you pet a dog studies have shown that it reduces heart rate AND blood pressure in humans!

Cool, right?

But it also reduces heart rate and blood pressure in the dog too! 

Stress Relief

Not only does petting a dog reduce heart rate and blood pressure but it also relieves stress!

According to the University of Missouri-Colombia petting a dog for just 15 minutes releases three feel good hormones, serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. It also lowers the stress hormone cortisol!

Dogs are awesome, aren't they?

Well enough reading, go reduce some stress and heart rate! Go pet your dog!

Thanks for reading! 

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DOG HACK: How to Help Your Dog Beat The Heat!

Did you know this Fact?

Dogs can get heat related injuries and illnesses, just like humans. With Memphis' crazy temperature and our insanely high humidity level, your dog is potentially at risk of getting heat stroke. Lucky for your dog though, there's a way to beat the heat. 

Here are the Top Five Ways to Beating The Heat 

1. Keep fresh and cool water out 24/7!

This should go without saying, but fresh and cool water should be available to your dog when outside at all times. Try to put the water in a shady spot where it is not susceptible to getting hot. 

As well as having the water placed in the shade, you may consider having a couple different water sources for your dog when they are outdoors. 

Tip: You can put ice cubes in your dogs water. It cools the water down and it's a bit fun for them!

2. Shade isn't just for water!

Along with keeping the water in a shady spot, there should be shade for your dog outside as well. 

Animals love the sunshine, but if they spend all their time in the sun, they are at a higher risk of getting a heat related injury or sickness. So have some shade readily available to your dog when outside. 

3. Get a pool. ;) 

This one is super fun for Mia. When she was just a pup, on hot days I would fill up a kiddy pool in the back yard and watch her play in the water. 

Kiddy pools are a fun way to help your dog cool off and they are fairly inexpensive. 

If you decide to get a kiddy pool for your dog, make sure to fill it up halfway and try to put it in a shady spot in the yard. 

4. Exercise Early or Late 

As much as we love to take our dogs on walks, there is a best time to do it. The best times to get your dog out is early in the morning or later in the evening. 

If possible, try to avoid midday walks and exercise outdoors, since that is when it is hottest throughout the day. 

5. Supervise Your Dog At All Times!

If your dog is going to be outside, he needs to be supervised. Keeping your dog supervised in hot temperatures can reduce the risk of your dog getting hurt by high temperatures!

This Heat Ain't No Joke!

This heat seriously isn't a joke so take these rising temperatures seriously!

This summer, stay cool and and enjoy yourself and your dog! 

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading, 

Corey with Wonder Dog :) 

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