WONDER DOG GAMES: Your Answer to the Bored Dog Syndrome

“Whaaaat? Dog Games in the park? How fun!”

This is the typical response we get when we mention that we play dog games.

What on Earth Are the Wonder Dog games?

Dog Games are the fusion of PLAYGROUND GAMES + OBEDIENCE TRAINING + TEAMWORK (between you and your dog). It’s a blast for your dog to get out, smell the smells, meet new dogs and play games with you. Watch the video above to get a sense of how much fun it can be for her).

Can My Dog Play Too?

Maybe. This is for FAMILY DOGS who can consistently obey the 4 basic commands - sit, down, stay and walk on a leash on a heel without tugging at the rope. If you can demonstrate that at registration, then you’ll be “Game Certified.” If your dog is not trained much at all, then you’ll need to get him trained, starting with a FREE in-home dog evaluation. If he is mostly trained in the basics, but you might need some re-enforcement so that there are more consistent, then we have a program for that too, but it also starts with this form (just tell Sally when you call that you need the “Game Certified Program”).

Who Is NOT Allowed At the Games?

- No aggressive dogs.

- No pro-level agility dogs or police/military k9’s who will just whoop every dog at every game because they are Pro’s.

- No dogs who can’t walk on a leash without pulling or obey the basic commands, consistently. (See links above)

- No female dogs who are “in heat.”

- No dogs with illnesses or mange, or who aren’t updated on their shots.

What Games Do We Play?

- Simon Says

- Red Light/Green Light

- Tic-Tac-Toe

- Hide N Go Seek

- Musical Chairs

- Ruffle the Palace Guard

- Pizza Relay Speed Race

- Reverse Freeze Tag

- Shadow Tag

- Duck-Dog-Goose

- Lost in the Maze

- Etc…(we come up with new ones all the time!)


Our clients get to play twice a week, but we will often open the Games up to the public. We’re aren’t sure when we’ll do the next one so click the link below to get on the list for announcements. The spaces are VERY limited so you must register to save your spot below when the time comes.