“Whaaaat? Dog Games? How fun!”

This is the typical response we get when we mention that we play dog games.

Can My Dog Play Too?

Maybe. This is for family dogs who can consistently obey the 4 basic commands - sit, down, stay and walk on a leash on a heel without tugging at the rope. If you can demonstrate that at registration, then you’ll be “Game Certified.”

Who Is NOT Allowed At the Games?

- No aggressive dogs.

- No pro-agility or police/military k9’s.

- No dogs who can’t walk on a leash without pulling.

- No dogs in heat.

- No dogs with illnesses or mange, or who haven’t had their shots.

What Games Do We Play?

- Simon Says

- Red Light/Green Light

- Tic-Tac-Toe

- Hide N Go Seek

- Musical Chairs

- Ruffle the Palace Guard

- Pizza Relay Speed Race

- Reverse Freeze Tag

- Shadow Tag

- Duck-Dog-Goose

- Lost in the Maze, etc