Musical Chairs


Show off your dog's sit and heel command by playing musical chairs, all set to funky music.

Required Commands

Heel & Stay

Game Set Up

- Set-up the spaces in a circle using chairs, hula hoops or painted spaces. You’ll need one less space than the Players that are playing.

- Make another line with chalk or paint three feet away from the spaces.

- Sync a phone with a bluetooth speaker with clean, but upbeat songs like the chicken dance

How to Play

1) When the Game Master plays the music, the Players will walk in a circle around the spaces. When the music stops, the Players shall rush to an open space using the heel command.

2) The Player who is left out goes to the sideline, a space gets removed and the music starts again.

3) If two Players rush to the same space, the space goes to the one who’s dog gets it’s paw on the ground of the space first.

4) The Player remaining wins.

For Advanced Play

Play the exact same way, but off leash.

Doggy Races

Dogs stay on dog beds at the distance of a long leash away from the handler.

Games Master does a “3,2,1 GO” countdown.

On “GO” the handlers call the dog to them and the first dog to sit at the handlers feet, wins.

Pizza Relay

Required Commands

Heel with precision

Game Set Up

- Split the Players into two equal teams who stand at a starting line in the grass 5 feet apart

- Set an orange cone 30 feet out in front of each line

- Give the first Player in each line several empty pizza boxes stacked upon one another

How to Play

1) At the starting signal, the Players will command their dog to heel with a loose leash and race around the cone and back with a single hand underneath the pizza boxes.

2) The next Player is allowed to go only when his teammate crosses the starting line and passes off the pizza boxes to him.

3) If the pizza boxes fall, the player must stop to pick them up. If the dog or handler ever get in front of one another, the Game Master will call it and they shall pause until they finish yelling out a “3 Mississippi” count.

4) The first team with their final dog paw over the line wins for their team.

For Play Without Boxes

The game is played the same way, but without boxes.

Advanced Play

The game is played the same way, but done without a leash and with more speed.

Leap Dog

Required Commands

Enduring the heel, sit, stay with distractions

Game Set Up

- Line 3-4 Players up in single-file lines 5 feet apart with plenty of space in front of them.

How to Play

1) At the starting signal, the first Player will command their dog to heel with a loose leash and walk out 10 feet until they give the sit & stay command.

2) The next player will command his dog to heel, will walk around the first dog and command the dog to sit and stay in front of that dog.

3) The next dog follows. Play for 5-10 minutes.


Required Commands

Heel, sit, stay with distractions

Game Set Up

- Circle up all the Players with their dogs in front of them, INSIDE the circle with 3 feet apart.

How to Play

1) The Game Master will choose a Player to go first. They will walk on the OUTSIDE of the circle with their dog in a heel command with their dog on the most outside position.

2) Whenever the Player wants, they will tap someone on the head or shoulder which signals that it’s that new Player’s turn to walk around the circle, but NO chase will ensue like in the kid game so that none of the dogs go into protection mode.

3) This keeps repeating for a while for 5-10 minutes.

Red Light/Green Light

Required Commands

Heel & Stay

Game Set Up

- Make 2 parallel lines of tape or chalk 50 feet form one another on a flat surface

- Line-up the players 3 feet apart on one line and the GM on the other

How to Play

1) When the Game Master calls out "Green Light!,” the Player will command his dog to heel with a loose leash. The handler cannot be in front of the dog.

2) The Game Master will call out “Red Light!” then count out "One Mississippi.” This is the time in which the Player must command his dog to stop moving.

3) If the dog is still moving at the end of “One Mississippi” OR if the Player is in front of his dog’s body OR if the Player has a tight leash, then the Player must go back to the starting line.

4) The first dog paw over the line wins for his Team.

For Advanced Play

Play the exact same way, but have the handler on one line and the dog on the other line so that all of the commands are done off leash.

Required Commands

Sit, Down & Stay


Game Set Up

- Setup 9 spaces in a hashtag using hula hoops, tape, chalk, spray paint or construction plastic

- Create two teams with team captains with at least 5 Players on each. One team will be the SITs, and the other will be the DOWNs.

- The team with the captain who is youngest goes first.

How to Play

1) The team captains alternate choosing which dog will go to which square.

2) The dogs & Players shall go to the square and hold the SIT or DOWN command until there’s a winner.

3) If a dog breaks his Sit or Down position, they must leave the board.

4) The first team to put three SITs or DOWNs in a row wins.

For Advanced Play

Play the exact same way, but without leashes and without the Players in the squares so that it’s all done merely by voice commands.

Simon Says

Required Commands

Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Come

Game Set Up

- Line-up the handlers 3 feet apart with the dogs on a leash in a semi-circle.

- The Master of Games will stand in the middle where she can see everyone.

How to Play

1) When the Game Master calls out a command starting with “Simon Says…” then the handler and dog shall obey the commands within 3 seconds.

2) When the Game Master calls out a command without saying “Simon Says…” then the handler and dog shall ignore the command.

3) If the dog or the handler fails to follow either of these rules, they are disqualified and shall go to the sidelines.

4) The last dog and handler remaining wins.

For Advanced Play

Play the exact same way, but have the handler release the dog and be the one who gives the commands to the dog immediately following the MOG giving the commands. If after 2 commands, the dog won’t obey then the Team is DQ’ed. Also, start adding in phrases BEFORE you say Simon says and get them to focus on their dog’s obedience instead of the words.


Sample Commands from Easy to Harder (Print This)

Is everyone ready to play? Okay!

Simon Says everyone spread out just a little more

Simon Says everyone move forward just a bit

Okay, everyone move forward just a little more

(Anyone who just moved is out)

Being a Tricky Simon

To trick them:

- Give them a series of Simon Says commands and then throw one into the series where you don’t say it.

- Speak authoritatively without saying Simon Says. "

- Tell them to stop doing something (like jumping), “Ok you can stop now.”

- Put more and more words before the Simon Says command, and then do one without saying it, like demonstrating the motion you want them to do, and then tell them to “Ok, now do that.”

- Tell them to pet their dog for doing such a good job without saying Simon Says!

- Say the commands FASTER and faster.

Commands (+) & Tricks (-)

Steps & Jumps

+ Take 1,2,3 small/giant steps forward/backward

- Ok, now move back a tad more.

+ Stand on one foot.

- Ok now switch to the other foot.

+ Ok, now jump on that one foot.

- Stop jumping!

+ Ok, tell your dog to sit as you start to hop (show them)

- Ok, now now let’s test your dog’s ability to sit still while hopping.

Make your dog lie down while you jump around them (show them how)

- Ok, go ahead. Do it! What are you waiting for?


+ Spread out, come in.

- Raise your hand while saying, “Who is having a good time so far?”


+ Turn around. Walk in a circle with your dog/around your dog

- I said to walk in a 3 foot circle! Go ahead! Now! What are you waiting for?

Dog Obedience

+ Have your dog sit, down & heel

- Ok, good job everybody! Now have him lie down one more time.

+ Get on a knee (if you can) and shake your dog’s hand.

+ Pet your dog.

+ Have them roll over and pet them on their belly.

+ Lean in and ask your dog for a kiss.

+ Hug your dog.

- Ok, that’s enough. You can stand back up.

+ Now pant like your dog is.

+ Ok, now look over and growl at your dog.

+ Growl louder and meaner with your hand in a claw.

- Ok, now bark at your dog!

- Bark louder & faster!

- Why aren’t you doing it?

+ Call your dog to stand with his paws in your hands.

- Ok, now, swing like you are dancing with your dog while humming a tune.

- Ok, now let your dog back down on all fours.

- Ok now it’s time to make this harder so….(raise your hand and say)

Raise your hand if you are ready to go to the advanced play? (Out!)

+ Have your dog stay, walk 5 paces then turn around and have them come

- Ok, now do it again.

+ Ok, now make them stay and walk 5 paces in slow motion.

+ Blow them a kiss in slow motion.

- Ok, now walk back to your dog in even SLOWER motion.

- Guys! Isn’t this fun? Can you believe how good your dogs are doing!? Who is so proud of their dog? Give that dog a good pat on its head!

+ Reach down and grab your dog’s snout and shake it.

+ Pull their flaps up so that you can see their big teeth.

- Now scratch behind their ears and tell it “Good dog!"

When It’s A Deadlock...

- (Look around confused like you don’t know what to do and look at your paper like you’re looking for the next thing, then say….)

Ok well it looks like you guys are too good to be tricked, sooooo I guess you guys should just go back to the starting line. (Whoever moves is out!)