How to Take Great Pictures

We all take pics each day with our phones and cameras, and while the manufacturer’s boast of amazing quality stills, they cannot affect if the picture we took was worth taking.

So here’s a quick guide to taking GREAT pictures that we can use for social media, ads and website photos. We all have a lot to learn in this area…

1) Is This An Attractive Subject?

A) The people in the photo need to be smiling, standing upright (no slouching or guts hanging out), clothes fitting appropriately. Why? Because they are acting as models for beauty and Eden and what could be. We don’t want our photos to be grounded in reality as much as want them grounded in hope, so happy and beautiful shots are the big idea here.

BStrangers only see strangers in a pics, not trainers with a family so make sure that the trainer is clearly distinctive from the handlers.


- The Rule of 1/3s


- Side pics are best, not the dogs back would be turned to the camera 

- Snap lots of pics, but use the one where the dog is at the end or beginning of a command, either doing the command or getting rewarded for it because it’s hard to understand a static picture with a dog in mid-motion.


- How to focus on a phone vs the camera


- You want clear lighting, sunny or overcast, 

- You want the light on the ground to be even, not half sun and half shadow, or even dappled light through a tree.

- Watch for a sunny pic but squinting eyes or shadows in eye sockets due to them turning from the sun


- Clean and clear lines

- No messes


- Clean and clear lines

- No messes

- Watch for dogs blending into the background, like a black dog in front of a black piano or brown couch or a white dog on a cream colored rug