Life As A Demonstration Trainer with Wonder Dog Training & Games

A trainer using treats to reward an attentive dog.

A trainer using treats to reward an attentive dog.

Imagine getting to:

- Wake up looking forward to your work day!

- Play with & train dozens of affectionate dogs and puppies of all kinds in any given month,

- Train and interact with welcoming dog owners of all kinds (who desperately see you as their hero),

- Helping eager families find the customized dog program and payment plan that fits them best,

- Do work that actually matters(!) and having a direct impact on the quality of our client’ lives.  (If you’ve ever had an unruly dog that drives you crazy, you know what we mean).

- Finally understand basic canine behavior and being able to train a dog to simply obey,

- Work with the #1 in-home obedience training company in the Mid-South (see awards on our Home page),

- Meet dog lovers, dog doctors, dog groomers, dog boarders, dog breeders and all sorts of the dog industry network in town,

- Meet 1000 dogs and puppies as you represent us at local festivals (Cooper-Young Fest, BBQ fest, Germantown Fest, etc),

- Hear your friends say, “Oh what a cool job!” when you tell them what you do,

- Get lots of flexibility in your schedule and autonomy in your work,

- Join a team of who takes their personal and professional development seriously. You will grow into a better version of you by merely being around all of us. No kidding.

- Join our game-playing tribe of dog lovers - in homes, in parks & our social media groups,

- Make $3000-4000/mo plus bonuses.


A happy client graduates from our obedience program.

A happy client graduates from our obedience program.

Here’s what will be required of our new team member.  

  1. You must be aligned with our mission to want to help dog families thrive.

  2. You must love dogs and have no fear of them.  

  3. You must be naturally personable with good people skills and communication skills.

  4. You must be very self-disciplined, on-time, LOVE to learn & be motivated to succeed and grow. Because we value freedom so much and trust our team so much, we expect nothing less than someone who governs themselves well.

  5. You must be available to work when people are available to meet with you to train their dogs. You will be setting your own schedule with them, but typically this means from 8 AM to 8 PM weekdays and 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. You won’t need to work all of these hours, but these will be the typical times that families can meet to train their dogs. As long as you are getting in at least 20-30 sessions a week (plus drive time), then we don’t care when you work. You can even work on Sundays if you want. Again, your schedule is up to you, but lots of folks want to meet afternoons and after work so you’ll need to be available then.

  6. You must have a reliable and nice-looking vehicle which you can proudly park in the driveway of an upper class home and which can get you anywhere in a 30 mile radius.

  7. You must have a decent driving record, background check and be able to pass a drug test.

  8. You must be coachable and be willing to follow protocols. We love new ideas and each personality on the team, but there are a handful of things that must be done EXACTLY without variation or “putting your spin on it” so if that would drive you crazy, this might not be for you.

  9. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to run our small, but growing company. That is, your title will be a Dog Pro, but we all move and flex to a dozen tasks in any given week. So if you have a gap in your schedule on any given day, you could be asked to help answer calls, or hang posters in all of the coffee shops on Poplar, or engage our social media tribe. If a festival is coming up, could be asked to help set it up or man the booth all day Saturday. If a Wonder Dog Games event is coming up, you could be asked to help set up or run several of the games. If we are running a campaign for free lessons to dog rescues, we might ask you to help set up meetings with the rescues in town, etc. Does that makes sense? We are all doing our jobs AND the jobs of people we haven’t hired yet (until we’re big enough to do so), learning new skills, moving out of our comfort zones and all growing up together.

  10. You must be willing to roll with the punches. We just can’t state this enough: if you want a boring job of doing the same thing daily, then this is NOT for you. Your primary role will be with dogs, but plenty of your time will be doing other things as well. If you love that kind of change and flexibility, then keep reading!

None of these “MUSTs” are up for negotiation.  If this sounds like you, then please keep reading as we really are going to train someone to be a pro dog trainer if they are the right person.  If not, then to save us both time, please do not apply because you would be exposed on the first ride day….and who wants that?



Will being a dog trainer be fun? Most of the time.

Will working for Wonder Dog be lucrative? Absolutely.

Will working for us be exciting at many times as you change the world for dog owners? Of course!

Will it be easy? Of course not.  That’s why we get so many calls for our help.

Think of our company like a pro sports team: It’s a blast, and glorious, and pays great, but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work and technical skills.  Each member on the team takes our work very seriously. We are here to make life enjoyable for dog owners and change the world for them and their dogs.

If you have the right personality and mind-set, you will love this job.



If you made it this far, we are eager to talk to anyone who thinks that they would make a good fit on our team.

Click the button below to tell us about yourself so we can reach out to you hitting the ground running.

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