Lesson Structure

During each program there are step-by-step training protocols we follow for each lesson.

They are step by step which means that all the guess work is taken out. All you have to do is show up and do the work and Deliver Wow.

During the demo, the trainer will have assigned a sequence of training for the dog to undergo. You will just follow the training sequence the trainer assigned.

On-Leash programs have TWO sequences. The "Place and Stay" sequence and the "Come + Heel" sequence.

Off-Leash programs have ONE sequence. They only have the "Come + Heel" sequence.

You will know what program the client bought, what the demo trainer worked on during the demo, and what sequence the demo trainer assigned by the Square notes on the clients file on the square app.

On ALL first ADULT lessons, the dogs will be introduced to their training collars by the trainer.

On ALL lessons the trainer will need four things: Leash, pouch, treats and your binder.

If the dog jumps and the client wants to fix that behavior (this in would be in the Square notes) then have the dog on their equipment BEFORE you get there.

On ALL programs and sequences, the client is required to practice with their dog for 20 minutes a day.

On LAST LESSONS there is a special checklists.

Puppy Lessons 1, 2 & 3 are interchangeable. (If you do change it, it needs to be updated in the square notes!) The four adult lessons ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.

Overall Lesson Guide:

- Show up on time

- Check in to make sure things are going well and that their are no new issues (If there are new issues, address these before doing any new training.)

- Review the HW (Homework) and ask how practice has been going

- Start the training lesson for the day assigned by the training sequence and the lesson #.

- Train the dog

- Have the client train the dog

- Break for dog

- Repeat the training with the dog, you first, then have the handler jump in

- End 5 minutes before the lesson is over to do your lesson checklist


This is an optional, ungraded quizlet to simply help you process through what you just learned. Fill it out as a means of studying for your test later.