Whether your home is being messed up by a puppy or a full-grown dog, our CUSTOM Potty Plans TAKE THE HEARTBREAK OUT OF HOUSEBREAKING

A dog that going in the house can be the cause of a LOT of problems, problems such as:

  • Dirty Carpet

  • Smelly House

  • Frustrated Family Members

  • You are constantly cleaning and frustrated

  • AND, a dog that soils the house can cause you to not enjoy your pup

If your dog is having accidents and consistently going in the wrong places, this is the perfect place to learn HOW TO train your dog to stop going in your home…

And the good news, out Potty Plans are CUSTOM and tailored to you, your dog and your situation! Plus, they are fast and effective.

Lets turn your dog into a Wonder Dog!

We have trained 100’s of dogs to stop pottying in the house!

Our custom Potty Plans are designed to show you exactly what to do if your dog is doing any of the following…

  • Peeing/pooping where it isn’t supposed to! Example, your carpet, bed, on your furniture, etc.

  • It just WILL NOT go outside

  • It pottys outside, but comes back in and uses the bathroom

  • Not letting you know when your dog needs to go out

  • Going potty in their crate

  • Using the potty pads sometimes and not others

And our custom potty plans also help in case:

  • You are tired of cleaning

  • Don’t know how often to take your dog out

  • You have never potty trained a dog before

  • Etc…

Hey Dog Owners!

My Name is Corey McDaniel and I am the Lead Trainer here at Wonder Dog Training!

If there is any one issue we get here more commonly than others, its potty training! And this is one of the most detrimental issues, because this issue really causes people to not be able to enjoy their best friends!

Potty training issues come in many forms…

A puppy who doesn’t know any better…

A grown dog who does know better but still goes in the house…

And rescue dogs…

But potty training does not have to be hard or complicated. Our custom potty plans are tailored just for you, and the results are guaranteed!

Corey McDaniel, Master Dog Trainer with Tuck

Corey McDaniel, Master Dog Trainer with Tuck

What You Will Get With One of Our Custom Potty Plans