Potty Training Guide

First we need to let the dogs out more often.

I am going to suggest letting the dogs out on the top of every hour of every ninety minutes or so. 

Second, I think it would be beneficial as the weather starts to get better for you to start supervising their potty breaks moving forward. By this I mean either going out with them, watching through a window, or taking them out on the leash. (If you are outside with them, you may bring a kibble with you to reward them for doing the right thing.) 

Third, I am recommending that while we are on this strict training routine that you limit access to the living room area. 

Fourth, I would recommend that the dogs stay in the same room with you at all time. If this is too much and you don’t want to constantly pay attention to the dogs, put them up in a room for a while or get a crate for them. (Dogs are social creatures and they won’t potty in front of you, so make sure they are within eyesight.) 

Make sure as when you are gone to put the dogs in a kennel.

Fifth, feed the dogs in frequent potty areas. 

Sixth, when you are not home, confine the dogs to one area of the house. Do not give them free roam of the house. 

Seventh (Optional), if you want data driven results, make a potty log for each dog. Track the times they pee and poop for a week and notice the patterns and the trends. 

Eighth, Clean up accidents with an enzymatic cleanser rather than an ammonia-based cleaner to minimize odors that might attract the puppy back to the same spot.

I am sure that if you follow this plan, your dogs will become potty trained and I am sure they will become potty trained very quickly. I hope the helps. If you need anything, reach out.


 When a dog is going in the kennel, we can train the dog not to go in the kennel by doing a few things. 

Feed the dogs in the kennel.

Train the dogs not to bark and scratch in the kennel using an electric collar.

Make the dog wear a diaper.



1. Supervise the dog at all times when out of the kennel.

2. When not home, KENNEL the puppy!

3. Supervise potty breaks. Watch the dog by going outside with him OR watching him through a window.

4. Reward the puppy for going outside.

5. Punish the puppy for going inside (inly if you catch the puppy doing it.)


This is an optional, ungraded quizlet to simply help you process through what you just learned. Fill it out as a means of studying for your test later.