Remote Collar Training

Watch this video series then take the ungraded study quiz and go over it with your trainer.

What to do if a client doesn’t like the collar initially

Every now and then for some reason or another the a client may have some reservations about the Remote Collar and this section is to help you know what to do and say.

The first way to get a client over any hesitations with the remote collar is to get them to feel the collar on themselves. You may try having them feel the collar on their palm and feel that the stim is very light and it doesn’t hurt. Typically when you do this and have them feel the remote collar it is met with an overwhelming, “Oh, that isn’t bad at all!”

Next, is to go over the benefits again. The benefits of the collar FAR outweigh any cons of the collar. The collar ultimately provides them with freedom to do what they want with their dog and to be able to have their dog come back at all times, so any hesitation should be less than the benefits of freedom that is possible with the collar.


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