To Run a Cash or Check Payment

1) Open the Square POS App > Then press is the button in the top left side with the 3 lines

2) Customers > Choose Customer > Choose the 3 Dots at the top right corner > New Sale w/ Customer

3) Click the Choose the Program + Options they want to buy > Save

4) Choose the Charge button > Cash or Check 

5) Type in how much they gave you > Tender >

To Run a 1-Pay Card Deal or Square Installments Deal

1) Open the Square Invoice App > Then press is the + button

2) Press Invoice

3) Add Customer > Choose the Customer Profile

4) Add Item or Discount > Choose the Program + Options they are buying

5) You ant these settings turned on:

- Invoice Method  = Email

- Frequency = One Time

- Send = Immediately

- Due = Upon Receipt

- Reminders = On

- Allow Customer to Save Card = On

6) Send

7) Have the client open the email on their phone immediately and click on Pay Invoice

8) They will either choose to pay by card OR pay by Square Installments.  

- If they choose to pay by card, they will need to click on the “Save My Card on File” box.

- If they choose to apply for the Installments plan, then they will need to fill out the quick questionnaire.

To Run a Wonder Dog Financed 3 Payment Deal

1) Open Square Invoices

2) Click Recurring > Create Recurring Series.

3) Select a customer from your Customer Directory, or enter a new name and email address. You can enter up to nine recipients.

4) If the customer already has a payment card(s) saved to their directory profile, choose the card to be charged from the Invoice Method dropdown. 

5) Turn on Allow Automatic Payments.

6) Select the start date, the recurrence frequency, and the end date.

7) Fill out the rest of the invoice, including any discounts.

8) Check the boxes under More Options, if applicable.

9) Click Schedule or Charge if sending immediately.

Note: If you scheduled a recurring payment for a future date with the Card on File feature, your customer’s card will be automatically charged at 10 am (in your timezone) on the date you’ve selected.

Keep in mind, if the Card on File is changed and the customer has a recurring invoice, you will need to edit that invoice series to ensure the right card is being charged.