Listen, we want you to enjoy life with your best friend (without all the frustrations)

But there’s a problem. You see, you only got ONE shot at training this dog the right way - so you need an excellent trainer.

The good news is YOU are the perfect trainer and your home is the perfect training ground. Even better, your dog WANTS to obey you and is EAGER to do what pleases you…BUT, you two have a huge language barrier. You guys need a translator - and that’s where Wonder Dog comes in.

Our Dog Pros have helped 100’s of families train their dogs to be ridiculously obedient, control their own behavior and live easily within your household culture - all starting for less than $100 a month. Easy.

Let’s turn your good dog into a Wonder Dog. It all starts with a FREE in-home dog evaluation to see just how fast your dog can learn. Click the link below to get started.



Like a toddler, your playful dog has so much life and energy and wants and emotions - and often doesn’t know how to contain all of those urges. So they need to be taught.

The issue is self-control. Controlling all their drives.

Yes, there will be plenty of times that you’ll give your dog commands that you’ll expect him to obey immediately - sit, down, stay, come, heel, etc. That’s the easy part of training.

The hard part is to train your dog to control its own energy, moods and behaviors WITHOUT any commands - DON’T pee on the rug, DON’T lunge at other dogs, DON’T pull on the leash, DON’T bolt out the door, DON’T jump on guests, DON’T eat food off the counter, etc.

Imagine how good life would be if you two could understand each other, and your dog lived as a fun, but responsible member of your household…so that you could enjoy your dog with none of the current frustrations.

The good news is that this is our specialty!

The only difference between our two programs is about distance. Do you want to control your dog merely in close spaces, like your home (while on a leash), or do you also want to control them at a distance (off-leash) in your yard, on a walk or in a park/forest?

Let our Dog Pro know when they arrive so that they can bring the right training gear to your first lesson, ok?


Training your dog will be easy because she WANTS to be trained. However, choosing the right trainer for her will be THE most critical decision because if messed up, you can damage your dog for a lifetime. So, you can either…

1) Train your dog with the HELP of a trainer right in your home where the dog lives and plays each day,


2) You can ship it off to be trained by a STRANGER - and who knows what she’ll endure behind closed doors when you drive away?

It’s that simple, for the good or the bad.

Listen, every trainer wears a cool logo and a smile when trying to sell you, but if you ship your dog off to be boarded & trained behind closed doors, you must face the fact that you don’t know if the trainer will be in a good mood tomorrow, or how stressed his marriage is, or if her team is mean to dogs, or if one of the other dogs will bite yours…or if your “best friend” thinks you just abandoned him when you leave. The potential for abuse and confusion abounds!

This is why we ONLY train your dog right in your home, right in front of you - then hand YOU the leash so you can do what we do. Because you only get ONE shot at training your buddy, we think safety and certainty should come first, don’t you?



We believe…the SAFEST WAY to train a dog is to do it right in front of the owner (which is why we DON’T train your dog behind closed doors and send you away, because who knows what your friend might go through to learn to sit).

We believe…in real-world training (which is why we only train dogs in THEIR native home, neighborhood & park environments so that they learn to obey surrounded by all the same mischief, noise and traffic that will be swirling around them in everyday life),

We believe…in long-lasting results (which is why we guarantee our programs…which no other trainers will offer),

We believe…in world-class quality training (which is why we put our Dog Pro’s through multiple certifications with written tests, 100’s of hours of in-field shadowing and quantifiable demonstrations BEFORE they ever train solo; then we also require on-going certifications to grow their knowledge-base as professionals each quarter),

We believe…that dog training ISN’T just for the rich or fancy dogs (which is why our programs start under $100 a month so that anyone on a budget can afford the training their dog yearns for),

We believe…that dogs are bored and lonely, as well as their owners (which is why we are building a game-playing tribe of dog-lovers around town through our Wonder Dog Games - because why have a “best friend” if you don’t have any games to play with them?)

Listen, no matter the issues with your dog, we can help. Again, it all starts with an in-home dog evaluation so click below to lock in your time with a Do Pro now.



We are humbled to announce that Wonder Dog Inc was recently named the Top Pro for dog trainers in Memphis, TN again, in both 2018 and 2019.

Only 4% of the professional service providers on Thumbtack make it as a Top Pro so we are grateful for this recognition.



One call can solve all of your dog problems. Really.

When we come to your home for an in-home demo lesson…

  • We’ll meet you and your dog, then show you how fast your dog can learn.

  • We’ll train him/her right in front of you and then let you do it too.

  • If you are excited by how fast you’re both learning, then we’ll offer a path forward for with a training program.

Dog training can be tricky, but with some guidance, it’s actually FAR easier than you might think. And it’s really fun. This in-home demo lesson will set you up for a lifetime of joy and freedom.

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