Our Dog Pros have helped 100’s of families train their dogs to be ridiculously obedient…while gathering them weekly to PLAY DOG GAMES in the park with other dog lovers. (No kidding!!! It’s a BLAST!).

It all starts with a FREE in-home demo lesson to see just how fast your dog can learn. Click the below to get started.



1) Your dog probably isn’t as obedient as you’d like,


2) Besides fetch and tug-o-war, what’s the point of having a highly obedient “best friend” if you can’t play with him, right?

We can easily fix the first problem in just 4-6 weeks of training, but then what? Then what will you do when you have free time with your dog?

Ah, this is where the real magic ones in. With Wonder Dog, we gather our clients weekly to play DOG GAMES! How fun right?

Imagine meeting up with other dog lovers in parks around the city to play Tic-Tac-Toe, or Simon Says, or Musical Chairs, or Red Light-Green Light, etc?

It is an absolute riot! The dogs love it. The families love it. You just gotta get in on this!


1) You can train your dog with the help of a trainer,


2) You can ship it off to be trained by a stranger…and who knows what she’ll endure in that week or so away from you.

It’s that simple, for the good or the bad.

Listen, every trainer wears a cool logo and a smile when trying to sell you, but if you ship it off to be boarded & trained behind closed doors, you must face the fact that you don’t know if the trainer will be in a good mood tomorrow, or how stressed his marriage is, or if her kids are mean, or how aggressive the other dogs he’s training are…or if your “best friend” thinks you just gave him away when you left him.

This is why we ONLY train your dog right in your home, right in front of you - then hand YOU the leash so you can do what we do. Because you only get ONE shot at training your buddy, we think safety and certainty should come first.


We train BOTH you & your Dog

Listen, your dog WANTS to obey you and is EAGER to do what pleases you - but you two have a huge language barrier.

Did you know that dogs can learn over 150 human words? Of course, they also have a language of their own. If you two can learn what each other are trying to say, then life together would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

This is why all of our dog and puppy obedience programs train both you AND your dog.

No matter the issues with your dog, we can help.

Again, it all starts with an in-home demo lesson. Click below to lock in your time with a trainer now.



One call can solve all of your dog problems. Really.

When we come to your home for an in-home demo lesson…

  • We’ll meet you and your dog, then show you how fast your dog can learn.

  • We’ll train him/her right in front of you and then let you do it too.

  • If you are excited by how fast you’re both learning, then we’ll offer a path forward for with a training program.

Dog training can be tricky, but with some guidance, it’s actually FAR easier than you might think. And it’s really fun. This in-home demo lesson will set you up for a lifetime of joy and freedom.

If you are ready to get see what’s possible with a free demo-lesson, click the button below to get started.


We are humbled to announce that Wonder Dog Inc was recently named the Top Pro for dog trainers in Memphis, TN again, in both 2018 and 2019.

Only 4% of the professional service providers on Thumbtack make it as a Top Pro so we are grateful for this recognition.